Implement your digital strategy

Develop your digital presence


Communicating to get known or developping your online presence and online visibility or increasing your relationships with customers and partners or selling your products without basing yourself on a digital strategy is bound to fail.

While it is no longer necessary to explain the why of a digital communication for your company, the how often remains unanswered.

Fine-tune your digital strategy

  • Challenge your performance

    We help you define a digital marketing plan . We can also integrate with your marketing team to manage your projects and the various service providers.

  • Consolidate your legitimacy

    Each social media has its own characteristics, audience and objectives. It is important to focus your resources on the one(s) that are most relevant to your brand .

  • Convert your leads

    Increase the visibility of your company on search results with paid search (SEA).These ads are targeted according to keyword strategy

  • Keep them coming back

    We assist you in defining your audience strategy and the implementation of relevant emailing campaigns with high a conversion rate.

Directions to your online presence

  • The communication line, tone and message that will direct your entire editorial line
  • The different communication channels on which to promote your message
  • The material and human resources to be used in the project

Optimizing your results

We also assist you in analyzing your performance , setting up KPI’s and adapting your digital strategy according to these results via the establishment of monitoring dashboards in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio).