Tots, a custom made e-commerce

Tots is an e-commerce company specialized in bathroom and tiles based in France. It offers a wide selection of products for bathroom renovations, as well as solutions to arrange and successfully design your room project.

Taking over the old website and to meet the different needs and expectations of Tots, a custom made e-commerce was the optimal choice allowing for a unique identity, better branding, customizable modules, full ownership and control in order to optimize and improve performance.

With this in mind, we assisted in the redesign of its visual identity and its website.pièce.

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Betting on the UX/UI design

Sanitaryware is wide-ranging. So is the product catalog of Tots. To allow users to find the products they are looking for in a minimum of time. A well-organized menu was developed during the design phase to facilitate navigation on the site and to allow users a simple and fluid experience. On the category page, a powerful and intuitive filter system was developed to categorize the different types of products.

These categories have been well thought out to attract target customers, make it easier to find products on the site and improve Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) by allowing search engines to better understand the site structure. Our graphic designers have also designed identifiable icons, personalized and consistent with the graphic charter while respecting the fundamental principles of icon design thus bringing dynamism to the site.

Optimized product descriptions

Due to the wide variety of products offered in the catalog, it was necessary to standardize the product sheets in order to make them easier to consult for customers. Thus, standard product sheets were created, each of which includes a detailed description of the product, with information on its features and functionality. In addition, the product sheets also provide technical documents and user manuals to help customers better understand the products they wish to purchase.

Audios from salespeople and demonstration videos have also been added to the product descriptions of certain products to hold the attention of visitors. This strategy aims to provide visitors with an immersive and interactive experience, helping them to better understand the features and benefits of the products presented.
To ensure that these additions do not hinder the overall performance of the site, the videos have been optimized and worked on to reduce the bounce rate and not slow down the website, thus ensuring a smooth and pleasant navigation for the visitors.

In addition, a delivery date is also indicated on each product sheet to allow customers to plan their purchase. The customer can postpone the date of receipt of the product and choose a date that suits him, this is done through a feature developed custom for Tots which is connected in real time with the management of stocks and carriers.

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Tailor-made technology

  • Standard products
  • For standard products, the product sheets are detailed and contain all the necessary information with photos that show the product in its proper situation so that the customer can make an informed decision.

    • Product with variations
    • Modules have been added to the product sheets to make them more attractive and functional for potential customers. These enhancements include automatic pricing technology based on the color and size selected.
      With this module, customers can now view available options and corresponding prices in real time and customize their order based on their exact preferences, allowing them to make more informed and timely purchasing decisions.

      • Packaged product
      • These are products that are sold in packs to customers to simplify decision-making and improve the customer experience by making the purchase faster rather than having to search and purchase each product separately, taking into account the specifics of each product (single product or product with variations)

        • Tile product
        • For tile products, a feature has been added to automatically calculate the number of boxes for the customer’s surface, so that the customer gets the exact number of boxes he needs and avoids tile waste.

          • Product in linear m
          • This module has been developed for skirting boards. It allows the automatic calculation of the exact number of boxes the customer needs to cover the surface.

            • Customized product
            • The custom product range is available in various categories. However, in order to simplify the process for the customer, a three-step system has been implemented to facilitate the selection of the desired options. This system effectively guides the customer through each of the following three steps:

              • Selecting the product shape
              • Determining the dimensions and size of the product
              • Selection of complementary products to accompany the basic product.

              With these simplified features, customers can customize their products in an efficient and convenient manner.

A cost-effective customer tunnel

In order to fully satisfy the needs of Tots’ customers, our UX/UI designers used their expertise to create a simplified customer tunnel, despite the complexity of the product and its delivery method. This tunnel was designed in 3 steps in order to facilitate the navigation of customers by avoiding any obstacle or friction point.

As for the delivery stage, it is a complex stage that requires rigorous management to deal with the particularities and different shapes of the products. This stage provides all the necessary information on the size of the product, the carrier and the date of receipt.

As for the payment stage, it offers customers the possibility of choosing the payment method that best suits their preferences, including options such as Paypal, CIC or payment in 3 or 4 downpayments.

The tunnel ends with an order confirmation step, which makes it easy and quick to finalize the purchase process while promoting customer loyalty.

Customer login

A customer area was also developed to allow customers to track their order history and account, easily place their orders on record, download their invoices, receive personalized offers and promotions, access after-sales service and finally leave reviews on the products they have purchased, allowing future buyers to take into account the experiences of other customers who have purchased and used the product. The Trust pilot solution was used to have more credibility and reliability on customer reviews and establish an e-reputation with the target customers.

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Professional login

A professional reseller platform has been developed to simplify the process of creating reseller profiles and to automate the management of different discount tiers according to their industry. In addition to this practical aspect, this page also allows to increase brand awareness by reaching a wider audience and to quickly stimulate business growth through the acquisition of new customers via resellers. In short, this space aims to optimize business relationships with resellers and leverage their network to extend the brand’s reach and increase its visibility.

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About the project

Being aware of the influence of content on customers’ purchasing decisions, a content strategy was deployed to improve the site’s ranking in search results. This strategy focuses on optimizing text and visuals.

  • Blog
  • A blog was also designed in WordPress to help with SEO, the content of the blog posts were also optimized to help maintain search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic. Keyword rich articles were written on topics related to Tots’ business areas with quality images are displayed to showcase products and improve visibility and engagement.

    • “About us” page
    • Also in line with this, other content pages have also been added to the Tots website such as the “Who are we?” page to enhance customers’ credibility and trust in the company by providing information about the company’s purpose, mission and values.


Page for search engine optimization

  • “Inspiration”
  • “Inspiration” page has also been implemented to help visitors visualize products in their environment, showing them examples of products or lifestyles that fit the Tots brand image. It also helps increase time on site and reduce bounce rate by providing a more engaging experience.

    • “Our Stores”
    • Page titled “Our Stores” listing the various showroom locations with the ability for virtual tours to have thus offering an omnichannel shopping experience by allowing customers to easily find the company’s physical stores improving Tots’ online and offline visibility.


Consulting in digital strategy

A presence on social networks and in particular Instagram was necessary. This platform allows to develop the visibility and the notoriety of a brand thanks to the strategic marketing features. On Tots’ Instagram page, content is published at a predefined frequency in the editorial calendar displaying visuals that constitute a gallery of inspiring photos for customers.


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