Seelver Application of management of nursing homes and residency homes

Seelver is a management application for retirement homes and senior residences.
It has been designed to centralize all the information needed to manage multiple facilities simultaneously, taking into account the specific needs of each residence by providing functionality for all aspects of the management of these facilities, which facilitates decision-making and continuous improvement of services.


Intranet portal

In addition to assessing the quality of in-house services, we have also developed a full range of functionalities for managing residents’ lives. These include :

    Resident life management
    This feature enables the planning and management of in-house activities and entertainment. Thanks to this functionality, we’ve made it easier to plan and organize activities and entertainment for residents, taking into account their specific needs and interests.

      Intranet portal
      An intranet portal was also designed, our aim being to facilitate communication and collaboration between the various residences and head office, by enabling information to be distributed to all residences at once.

        Human resources management function
        In addition to the above-mentioned functionalities, we have set up tools dedicated to human resources management and CV management. Managers can consult the profiles available for the various positions to be filled.

          Marketing/commercial function
          The tools in this function have been developed to facilitate the management of residences by providing accurate and relevant data, as well as filtering tools to select the most useful information and enable informed decision-making, based on reliable data and adapted to their specific needs.


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